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Deacon Folashayo Babalola

Deacon Folashayo Babalola

Haggai Business Network (HBN) and Music Ministry (Men Choir - Men of Praise) 

Deacon Fola is a dedicated servant leader, he is responsible for coordinating and leading the men's choir (Men of Praise) and the Haggai Business Network ministry; a business ministry established to help church members and the community around the DC metropolitan area to learn key entrepreneur skills which will enable them to invest in their future.

The ministry programs are design to empower professionals, business owners and members, with economic and financial knowledge, through Networking Forums, Seminars, Workshops and Training Sessions based on sound biblical principles. Folashayo's focus is working with business owners that want to gain a competitive advantage by establishing best business practices. Fola is a Senior Business Intelligence Architect by profession. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Information Systems. He and his wife, Adeyinka are blessed with three wonderful children. 

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