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Deacon Akinyele Akinyelu

Deacon Akinyele Akinyelu

Creative Arts Ministry: FACES (Drama) and Expressions 

Deacon Yele is a servant-leader in the creative arts ministry.  The ministry is responsible for coordinating and executing creative means of communicating the gospel through stage plays (short or full) and expressive worship-style dance.  He has a passion for writing and directing stage plays, as well as acting and set design. 

He also has a deep desire to see talent maximized in the creative arts. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Information Systems Web Solutions. He is an Architect/Integrator by profession and his hobbies include, writing scripts, playing/watching basketball and watching TV. Yele is married to Diane, and they are blessed with two wonderful children. 

My Quote on Leadership:
"The burden of leadership is a persistent and active vision,  the prize... the impact upon the lives of those served by the excellent execution of the vision"

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