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Deaconess Rioke Pecku

Deaconess Rioke Pecku

Minister Rioke PeckuMusic Director and "The Annointed" Choir 

Deaconess Rioke is in Charge of The Sanctuary Choir -“The Annointed” and the Music Director of Jesus House, DC. Right from the beginning of her call into ministry, Rioke has always been involved in Music Ministry at every stage of her Christian walk. Her involvement in different Church choirs over the years, served as a training track in preparation for her current position in Jesus House DC.

Rioke loves to worship and believes that “The Worshipper” needs to know God personally to enter into that place of authentic worship. 

She is married to Tetteh and blessed with two wonderful children.

My Quote on Leadership:
"Results have the power to terminate insults"

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