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Deaconess Olaide Ogunronbi

Deaconess Olaide Ogunronbi

Kingdom Voices and Living Single’s Ministry 

Deaconess Olaide oversees the Kingdom Voices (JHDC Women’s Choir) and Living Single’s Ministry which is a ministry that engages single adults through practical teachings and discussions on living a life of purpose and passion as a single person, while handling the pressures of a single life and preparing for marriage.

Olaide has a strong passion in seeing the young adults grow spiritually and well balanced in life. Olaide holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and International Business. Deaconess Olaide is married to Adetoyese and they have a son. 

My Quote on Leadership:
"Success is inevitable, it is only a matter of time when a leader takes his directive with prompt responsiveness from the Lord"

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