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Deaconess Ibijola Orimolade

Deaconess Ibijola Orimolade

Church Décor and Maintenance Ministry 

Deaconess Ibijola is the minister in charge of the Church décor and Maintenance departments, both of which are responsible for the aesthetics and cleanliness of the church buildings. Jola has a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology of which she previously worked in corporate banking handling the accounts of food processing companies in particular.

She later trained as a nurse and works with Geriatrics. She has a Masters degree in Management with specialization in Healthcare Administration. She loves to encourage and mentor younger people. She enjoys watching basketball and spending time with her family. Jola is married to Taiye and they are blessed with two sons. 

My Quote on Leadership:
"Leadership is influencing others to willingly work with you to achieve a defined goal"

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