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Believers Academy

Who We Are

All the training needs of Jesus House, DC take place in The Believers Academy.  It consists of three sections geared to teaching enrolled members (based on their various stages of maturity in Christ), as well as encouraging individuals to fully maximize their potential for service in God’s Kingdom. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to teach people during each stage in life (with the Bible as the final authority) about spiritual growth, creativity, and service in ministry. 

Our Mission

To increase the spiritual maturity, effectiveness, and involvement of every member of the Church. 


To Equip people with practical ways to Grow and Mature in Christ.  To stir-up and enhance their God-given Gifts and Abilities, by showing them how to apply them as they get involved in acts of Service in and outside the Church.

Department Sections:

Believers Academy consists of: 

  • Kingdom Life
  • Foundation Class
  • Sunday School

Kingdom Life - Baptismal Class

This course consists of both New Converts and Baptismal classes.  New Converts is for individuals who recently surrendered their lives to Christ and is designed to give new believers an understanding of what it means to be a Christian and how to be a better witness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The 5- week Baptismal class is given several times a year to prepare candidates for Baptism by Immersion.

Foundation Class

This course is the next level after Kingdom Life. Three 10-week sessions are held a year on Sunday mornings between the 1st and 2nd services and at 8:30 on 1st Sundays.  This class is mandatory for all volunteer church workers and open to those who completed Kingdom Life, as well as any member of the church. This class is designed to teach key foundational doctrines of the Christian faith to ensure that all workers and other attendees have a solid understanding and practical knowledge of biblical principles. Students take several tests and a final exam. 

A graduation ceremony is held annually for all Foundation Class graduates during Biazo in March every year. 

Sunday School

Our Sunday School are topical and interactive which runs twice on Sundays, 30 minutes before each service at 8am and 10:30am respectively. However, it is held once during our Joint Service on the 1st Sundays of every month at 9am.

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