Connect Groups

There’s a place for you!

Finding your place in Jesus House, DC is easy! Find out more about our Connect Groups below, and you’ll quickly find that there’s a place for you here. Feel free to contact our Guest and Member Care staff if you need any assistance.


The JHDC Lighthouse Fellowship is a small group meeting set up to cater to the spiritual needs of members and non-members of Jesus House DC. Each fellowship creates an atmosphere where people can participate in discussions and bible study as it relates to their everyday lives.

Soul Care

Welcome to Jesus House, DC Soul Care Ministry – one of our small group fellowships. The group is where connections are made, relationships are built, support is provided, growth takes place and families are formed. It’s a community where we are committed to sharing the love of God with one another.


Alpha is an epic journey exploring the basics of the Christian faith, it’s a place where people come together to enjoy great food and conversation around a thought-provoking topic presented in film and loaded with inspiring stories and interviews from people around the world. Alpha is also a great place to meet people and build lasting and meaningful friendships!

Daily Prayer

Jesus said in Luke 18:1 that we should always pray and never give up. At Jesus House, DC we believe this to be true. We hold prayer daily in Church and via phone conference call. We hold a monthly Prayer & Praise night, and an Annual Prayer Retreat. Click this section to request more info, or click below to request for prayer.

Ignite Young Adults/Singles

Ignite is a place where you discover your purpose, learn more about love and become a leader in your generation. We have an amazing young adults and small groups called Anchor Groups and they coordinate various events and programs throughout the year that are fun, encourage spiritual growth and promote fellowship.

Gideon’s Men


The men’s ministry is devoted to building strong men, loving husbands, and fathers. They host periodic events for men and an Annual Men’s Convention every October.

Jesus Women

Jesus Women is the women’s ministry of Jesus House, DC. In this ministry, Jesus is our vision, and our ultimate. That is why we associate with Him, and are called by His name. We believe very strongly in the efficacy of prayer, and know without an iota of doubt, that God answers prayers.