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Jesus House DC is committed to restoring hope and maximizing potential, even in marriage.  Great marriages don’t just happen and God intends for this important relationship to thrive, not just survive, therefore we need help along the way. The One Flesh Department and Premarital Counseling Department are here to provide marriage enrichment resources to couples to help prepare for lasting marriages, restore struggling marriages, and promote the sanctity of marriage to unmarried people.

Our department believes in providing support to everyone, whether you are single and preparing to be married or you have been married for 50 years.  To learn more about the departments, please click the links below:

The One Flesh department is an arm of the Marriage Ministry of JHDC that caters to married couples in the church. We strive to further the vision of the church in restoring hope and maximizing potentials as it relates to married couples as well as diligently pursue the core values of the church as it relates to the sanctity of marriage and the unity of the family. As a department, some of the things we do include:

As a department, some of the things we do include:

  • Seminars: We host events during BIAZO or at a marriage retreat (i.e. the One Flesh Couples’ Getaway). We also host an annual Marriage Conference.
  • One Flesh Valentine’s Program: The Department organizes a mini getaway for married couples.
  • One Flesh Getaway:This is an annual married couples retreat held in July, where couples go away for the weekend and includes various activities such as seminars, games, prayer and various social activities. It is a couples-only retreat and children are not allowed, which gives the couples an opportunity to focus on one another and advance their relationship. During the retreat, we also have Q & A sessions, breakout sessions, team building activities.
  • One Flesh Mingle & Jingle: This is a light hearted event that is sometimes held in the homes of couples or at the church. We usually have debates, games, movies etc. This is usually held quarterly.
  • Prayer: We have a prayer meeting for couples every second Monday of the month at 9PM via teleconference. The phone number is 1-218-936-4141 and access code is 2160239#
  • Family Month: The church has declared the month of August Family Month and allows the Marriage Ministry come up with various programs in the church. We have a Family Month Planning Committee in place and their task is to come up with different programs and activities that will incorporate everyone in the church whether single, married or children. We will also collaborate with Gideon’s Men Company to host a church picnic in August for the entire church, Children’s Church, Home Builders and other ministries.
  • Marriage Mentoring: The Marriage Mentoring Program is designed to have seasoned married couples mentor less experienced couples for the purpose of growing great marriages.  At the end of the year, the One Flesh Department hosts a ‘Welcome to The Fold Party’ for newlyweds and it also serves as the graduation party for mentees in the program.
  • Marriage Enrichment: We offer programs such as The Art of Marriage and The Marriage Course every year.

As a ministry, we strive to improve and be more relevant not only to couples in JHDC but also to couples in our community. We believe the success of the family, is the success of the nation and we strive to reach out to our community. One of the ways we achieve this is by being outreach minded in the things we do. We believe that an increase in stable marriages and families will lead to decrease in separation and divorce which will in turn build stronger families.

Our goal is continue to reach out to families within JHDC and our communities. Our prayer is that we will continue to hear testimonies attesting to the fact that they have been drawn closer in their marriages.  We also pray that those couples that may be on the verge of separation or divorce will give their marriages another chance through programs and prayers offered through the One Flesh Department.

Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the JHDC Premarital Counseling Ministry page!

The JHDC Premarital Counseling Ministry offers a variety of services to engaged couples. A special 12 week premarital course for couples occurs during the year based on the number of couples preparing for marriage.

The premarital course is designed for couples who are engaged. The course will help couples to learn and understand God’s plan for marriage through use of Bible scripture, planned lessons, and relatable anecdotes.  The ultimate goal of the Premarital Counseling Ministry is to remind couples to plan their marriage, not just their wedding.

Premarital Counseling is offered to any couple seeking godly counsel in preparation for the benefits and challenges of a healthy.  The course format is a group setting designed to allow couples to engage and interact with the course instructors and other engaged couples.  The 12-week course meets once a week on the church premises, during which each couple is required to meet with the Pastor to engage in a one-on-one session.

The Premarital Counseling Course features topics such as Courtship, Financial Intimacy, Conflict Resolution, and, of course, Prayer.   Each couple is required to complete the entire course in order to be married by JHDC.

Prerequisites for course participation:

  1. The couple is currently engaged with a wedding date more than six months of from the date of registration.
  2. The couple must complete and submit all paperwork.
  3. The couple must pay the $50  registration fee for course material. (Checks may be made payable to JHDC)

Additional information and links:

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact [premarital course email address]
  • If you need to get in contact with the church office, please contact Sister Mary at




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