Soul Care

Welcome to Jesus House, DC Soul Care Ministry – one of our small group fellowships.  The group is where connections are made, relationships are built, support is provided, growth takes place and families are formed. It’s a community where we are committed to sharing the love of God with one another. The ministry offers every person a sense of belonging and a special place to experience authentic love.  We invite you to become a member. You’d be glad you did. 

A variety of groups are available, including these categories: single women, single mothers, single men, married women, and married men.   They range in membership size of 4 to 12 people in each group.  

The Soul Care groups engage in various activities including but not limited to the following: 

  • They formally meet every 2nd Sunday of each month in church during each service. 
  • They keep in touch with each other during the week (through phone calls, emails, or visits). 
  • They periodically engage in social and ministry activities (e.g. fun outings, evangelism, visitation and care). 
  • They have very casual and interactive sessions with discussion-oriented Bible studies facilitated by the Soul Care Leader and/or Assistant Leader. 
  • They cover a variety of topics that meet the needs of its members. 


If you are interested in being a member and participating in a Soul Care Group, please click on the Registration form on this same page or call 301 650 1900 or send an e-mail to


Soul Care